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Caravan Canopy Sports 10'x20' Domain Carport Garage Sidewall Enclosure Kit (Frame and Top Not Included)
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on 10-3-2018.
Product Description

Caravan Canopy Domain Carport Garage Sidewall / Enclosure:
  • Converts your canopy to a fully enclosed shelter
  • Protects your auto and other items from the elements
  • Easy setup and take down
  • Made of 140g polyethylene fabric
  • Frame and top not included
  • Canopy enclosure kit is designed to be easy to set up as well as take down
  • Able to handle the various outdoor elements, so your vehicle doesn't have to
  • The unit is made to be waterproof
Reviews From Buyers
Ordered the 10x20. Processed and shipped with know problem. Had called Caravan and Walmart (before) ordering, read most of the reviews. Problem; they make a 6 post and a 8 post and apparently no one thought to ask what I had? Both said if I bought the unit from Sam's or Costco, the covers would fit. (WRONG)!!! I've got the 8 post and the walls they sent fit a 6. The 6 post covers are 12\"s shorter in the drop length then the 8. Looks like a carport dressed out in high waters. lol Called Caravan today, talked to Bluf with CS. The 8 post takes a (Mega Domain Cover) to get the full drop to the ground. They don't sale one but hope to in the ( near future). Called; I've got 90 days from date of purchase to return product to my local store for full refund. A little hassel but that's todays world we live in.
Domain Carport Garage Sidewall/Enclosure Kit, Frame and Top Not Included