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your zone clip lamp with bulb
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on 11-25-2017.
Reviews From Buyers
This is an attractive clip on lamp that I put on my headboard to use when reading in bed. The problem is that it has a flexible neck so that the angle of light can be adjusted as needed. However the flexible neck is so flexible it won't stay in place after you've adjusted it. It basically ends up sagging almost onto my shoulder. Also the lamp shade is plastic rather than metal making it more susceptible to melting. I may have missed that when reading the description so I think it should be displayed more prominently in the description. The only reason I'm not returning this is that the last lamp was also ordered from Wal Mart and had the same problem with the flexible neck. In the future I will find someplace else to buy a clip on lamp.
  • Clips to any hard surface
  • Protective plastic grips
  • Available in various colors