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Homestar Finch Collection 5-Drawer Chest, Multiple Finishes
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on 11-13-2017.
Reviews From Buyers
I was surprised to see that the back of the dresser is nothing more than a piece of cardboard! It was very disappointing lack of quality. Additionally, the bottom edges of the front face of the drawers are unfinished, so if you fill the drawers up with delicate clothing, they will get caught on the rough edge of the drawer above it. Worst of all, and perhaps I got faulty parts in my package, but after assembling the drawer, I found that pushing the drawers in with even a moderate amount of force causes them to \"lock, inch as a metal tab at the end of the bearings gets pushed past an opposing tab on the other side of the bearings. I would have just bought an IKEA dresser if I knew that this one would cause me such a headache.
  • 5 Drawers with metal ball bearing slides, 3/4 extension
  • Metal handles with brushed nickel finish
  • Dimensions: 44.50\"H X 27.50\"W X 15.63\"D