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Marshmallow Furniture, Children's Foam High Back Chair, Disney Pixar Cars 2 High Back Chair
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on 9-15-2018.
Product Description
  • Now toddlers can take a seat in the ˜Just My Size' Disney/Pixar Cars 2 themed High Back Chair!
  • Made from soft and durable lightweight foam, High Back Chairs make the comfiest of seats or rest areas and are easy for your toddler to pick up and move.
  • Every High Back Chair comes with a removable and machine washable slipcover featuring a safety-lock zipper to protect your little one.
  • Marshmallow High Back Chairs are for Toddlers 18%2B months. Size: 20.8H X 14.5W X 12.8D. Made from 100% Polyester and 100% P U foam..
Reviews From Buyers
I dont really like the design much. When my 20 month old sits in it, it leans forward really bad. I think it should either be a little bit thicker on the front or have sturdier foam. It leans forward to the point that he almost slides out of it. Then if he moves the chair around or carries it with him, the bottom seat part of foam shifts up at the back, making it to where its really angled forward on the front and I end up having to push the foam back down for him to sit in it. My daughter had a similar chair when she was his age, and it was great! She really loved it, but I could not find one like that when I was looking for one for my son. He doesnt like it very much at all, mainly because he's constantly leaned forward when he tries to sit in it. Sometimes when he's sitting in one place, I'll prop the front of it up with something to keep it from leaning forward. I was thinkging about trying to add a foam wedge to the bottom to lean it back some. I wouldnt recommend this particular design. There are some foam chairs that are great, but not this one.
  • Age Range: 2-7 years
  • Safety-locking zipper
  • Removable and machine washable cover