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Ava Nightstand, Black
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on 11-2-2017.
Product Description

Ava Black Nightstand:
  • Simple, modern craftsmanship
  • Great for the bedroom or guest room
  • Two roomy drawers for bedside essentials
  • Open lower compartment for magazines, slippers and other loose items
  • Elegant metal drawer knobs with satin finish
  • Sturdy composite wood construction with melamine finish
  • 2-drawer nightstand requires assembly
  • Ava Black Nightstand Dimensions: 15.75W x 11.8D x 23.6H
Reviews From Buyers
Not impressed with quality of parts. Parts not marked. Sloppy holes ( some dowel pins to tight to go in, some too loose to stay in.) Cam nuts did not seem to lock onto the studs very tightly. Thin laminate, see comment about inserting dowel pins below. At least all parts were enclosed. Once assembled the table is not too bad for light use. Drawers do not have glides/tracks so they droop down when pulled out. See picture. Special note: Be very careful when inserting dowel pins. Insert them first into the board edges of part B and D, not the flat surface of a panel E. The picture below shows a side panel E laminate blowout when I pushed a loose fit dowel pin in with too much went right through the particle board and popped out a chunk of the side panel once it hit the bottom of the hole. Luckily that panel will be up against a file cabinet so it will not show for me. The table will work for my intended use but still relatively cheap table.
  • Composite wood construction
  • Simple, contemporary design
  • 2 drawers