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Mohawk Home Caravan Medallion Printed Nylon Rug
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on 5-16-2018.
Product Description
Mohawk Home Caravan Medallion Printed Nylon Area Rug:
  • 100% Nylon Printed Rug.  
  • Vibrant, Contemporary Choice. 
Reviews From Buyers
Rugs, in my experience, are insanely expensive.When I downsized to this little house, I began shopping for The Perfect Rug. I was prepared to pay \"insane money\", but decided to check Walmart first.The moment I saw this 8' x 10' rug on, I fell in love - this was it; the sheer volume of positive reviews lead to relatively high expectations, all of which were met or exceeded.It arrived in a timely manner, and although I'm not sure how \"free shipping inch became \"$2.36 shipping\", I'm not going to quibble.The rug has a nice rubbery backing, is well bound, and has a fairly soft hand to a very low pile. The colors are vibrant with an antique-ish feel.It has stood up well so far to two Jack Russell Terminator Twins using it as a designated wrestling mat.Without reservation, I would recommend Mohawk's rug line at Walmart to friends, and have done so. I feel it is an outstanding value proposition.I could have really used a 12' x 14', but I'll make it work.The decent photo attached is diffused daylight, SRGB calibrated [if you have a calibrated monitor, it should be fairly true] (Pardon the design choices, having moved down I'm still working on what furniture goes in, and what doesn't, and trimming out the space...]The second photo is an uncalibrated phone picture demonstrating that 50% of dogs sampled prefer the rug to the sofa. (n=2) [Dog not included...]
  • Stain resistant
  • Printed nylon rug
  • Available in various sizes