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Big Joe Milano Beanbag Chair, Multiple Colors 32" x 28" x 25"
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on 12-13-2017.
Reviews From Buyers
These chairs are great , they are still in tact and still filled up mine is very comfortable, the except is that it appears one chair was sent with not enough beans in it because it does not lay like the other chair, I turn the chairs upside down and shake them to redistribute the beans. The chairs are comfy at least too me, me and my child play games in the chairs and have matching pink ones, I will have to buy refills for one of the chairs though because like I said it was shipped with not enough beans and I bought the chairs before Christmas so I am sure I cannot exchange. Great investment.
  • Uniquely designed bean bag chair filled with UltimaX Beans
  • Made from water and stain resistant SmartMax fabric
  • Show your school pride with your choice of these college inspired colors