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Costway 10'x20'Canopy Pavilion Cater Events Outdoor Party Wedding Tent
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on 9-5-2018.
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We can agree with most everyone who wrote a review on this tent. I set this up yesterday afternoon, may of the pieces were too small so we had to somehow make them all fit. Once the tent was all set up we left for the day. I get a call the next morning at 7:30am saying that the tent had blown over (mind you the wind was blowing less than 10mph), he said he put it back up and had concrete blocks holding it down. When I arrive the tent is all mangled like there was a huge wind storm. After taking it all apart we realized that the poles had bent, the plastic had broken and the stakes were still in the ground with the strings, it was the eyelets that ripped off the tent. But again as stated, you get what you pay for. This isn't a $500 tent that's on sale for $72 its a $72 tent all day long, just figured it would last longer than a day.
Model:20 X10 Ft (four-side wall)Material:PolyethyleneNumber of wall cover:6Frame:White Powder Coated Steel/w PE joint fittingsSidewalls:90g Polyethylene +Water proof+UVSIZE:20 X10 Ft4 x Walls w/Windows / 2 x zip-up doorway